Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tips from Brittany's Liquor Cabinet

I had a cute post today, but after I got done taking pictures, my SD card farted, then died. So maybe tomorrow you'll see something of interest. But for tonight....

***Tips from Brittany's Liquor Cabinet!***
It's no secret that I enjoy a good brew. So I will share a few lessons, tricks, or tips learned from my very short years of being able to consume it.

1. Don't call, text, instant message (including Facebook, Twittering, MySpace posts), after consuming large amounts of alcohol. Nothing you say will make sense, and you could make a few enemies.
2. If any mixed drink curdles (I honesly don't care if it's SUPPOSED to curdle) don't drink it.
3. If Moonshine tastes like rubbing alcohol, then it probably IS rubbing alcohol.
4. For the ladies, heels and alcohol don't mix.
5. The slogan for Budweiser is "drinkablility" and that's probably because they stick as much water into it as they can get away with.
6. Yaegar comes in so many different sizes that you can actually make a shrine.
7. At least once in your life, you need to make up a drink that people LOVE. So far I have participated in the "Snowcone" and the "Junior Mint," and it should always be done with good friends and family ;)
8. Tallcans can actually be cheaper than the regular size. Dig for bargains, people!
9. BLOW OUT YOUR FLAMING SHOT BEFORE YOU DRINK IT!!! I've never seen a lady's face catch fire like that
10. Packing a cooler of beer in the car so that you can be literally drinking while driving tops the stupidity chart.


  1. Re: #9

    !!!!!!!!!! I think I was there for that...yes??? The Stephenson St. apartment? Either that or there are TWO really smart chicks roaming around smelling like singed hair! YIKES!

  2. Yeah, you may have been there. There were tons of people. I'm REALLY glad I didn't participate on that one!

  3. thanks for your suggestion of liquor cabinet.


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