Thursday, July 23, 2009

Faux Planter

I'm really stalling my post on the bathroom remodel, mostly because I haven't touched up the paint yet. Hey, cut me some slack, I'm a busy mom. Okay, it's mostly that I don't feel like washing paint brushes lately, but whatever.

Anyways, here's a cute planter project. I got the idea after seeing one sold at an auction for over $40. I laughed because you could tell it was made and the previous owner probably didn't pay a dime for it (just like me).

This is low-cost to no-cost.

Faux Planter
-Pot (I spray-painted an old one white)
-hot glue gun
-cheap fake flowers (I chose white to stick with a theme)

1. Fill your pot almost to the top with dirt. Sandy dirt (or just sand) works best
2. Cut some thin branches off a tree ***(I chose a lilac bush)
3. Cut the flowers off a bouquet of fake flowers
4. Stick your branches in the pot and arrange
5. Glue your flowers to the branches (little flowers make it look more oriental, many flowers look more cottage.)

***PLEASE, if possible, cut dead branches. Nothing is more stupid than needlessly harming a plant. I have an overgrown lilac bush, and I found dead branches.

I plan on putting more flowers on mine, but I ran out of time that day.

Coming up: Window Trellis how-to, Post-Feeder how-to, and then MAYBE my bathroom remodel :)

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