Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chicken Quesadillas, Coffee

I'm not much for addiction.

I used to smoke. For 7 years actually. I quit when I was pregnant with my son. Right after he was born, I started again. 2-3 years down the road, a good friend (whom was pregnant and not smoking, of course) pointed out that I only smoke when I came to her bar. She told me there was no reason to smoke if you are only smoking once a week. And she asked why I still did it.

I sat back and thought of this for a while. She WAS right......"a nervous habit" I told her. "I feel like if I'm not busy at all times, everyone is going to look at me like I'm that creepy person just sitting there staring at everyone else at the bar. I don't want to be a creepy person"

Which is mostly true. I quit fully when I got pregnant with my daughter. But I also think there's a sprinkle of the drive to be a multi-tasker somewhere in that mix. The demand on women to get so much done within the day.

Soooo.....that leads me to my realization today. My husband pointed out that I drink roughly 8 cups of coffee just in my morning. It doesn't help that I'm in love with my oversized coffee cups that actually hold 2 1/2 cups of coffee.
So there's my weakness: coffee.

A co-worker recently asked me how I do so much in a day. I told her that I hate going to bed thinking I didn't accomplish crap that day. Which is true. But in all reality, it's my coffee. The days I don't drink it are the days that I sit on the couch all day watching That 70's Show seasons. I own all the seasons that are out.

My coffee turns me into the person I strive to become. The ultimate Mom. The "Superwoman" possibly =). Or maybe...just Ma.

On a different note, I made quesadillas last night (and nachos, but who cares?)

Chicken Quesadillas
I'm sure almost everyone knows how to make this, but whatever
shoft shell tortillas
fajita or taco mix

1. I used my quesadilla maker. If you don't have one, go to Younkers (or Boston store, Elder Beermans, any BonTon store really) and pick one up. You NEED one of these.
2. Cut up the chicken, peppers, and onions into small chunks. Shred your cheese.
3.Fry up the chicken with a little bit of veggie oil and the mix packet. I prefer the fajita one. Cook until it's no longer pick in the middle.
4. Fry up the peppers and onions. I like to fry them up with rice vinegar. You may find this in the asian food ilse. If not, you can use sake' too! Don't worry, the alcohol cooks out. You'll love the flavor though (came across this one when I accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle. Wanted olive oil, lol)
5. Lay everything out in seperate bowls. The kids, of course, don't like the peppers or onions.
6. Put all your stuff on your tortillas, put it in the quesadilla maker, cook until spots turn brownish, take it out with a metal spatula, and cut along the indented lines!

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