Sunday, May 31, 2009

Knife tips

**Tips from Brittany's Kitchen**
Today we are going to talk about knives.

Go grab your block of knives (or any that are in your house for that matter) and come read this.

Look at the handle of your knives. Can you actually see the metal going all the way down the handle? There should be little metal pegs that hold the pieces together. that means that if you fully disassemble your knife, the blade would still have a handle. A metal one. THIS IS GOOD!
If the whole handle is just plastic (or whatever) toss it! In MOST cases, this means that the metal actually only goes down less than an inch into the handle. Press down too hard, the blade will separate from the handle and you could lose an eye. No joke.
I see these things returned at the store from broken handles all the time.
So you can still buy cheap knives, just check the handle first!! Could save you ;)

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