Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day '09

Taco Bell last night. No fun recipes for anyone today. We had to something quick and easy b/c it was getting way too late after my step-son's wrestling tournament. Oh well.'s EARTH DAY! And being huge recyclers in my family, this is a great day for us!! So here are a few things you could do today to get you started on your eco-friendly life, along with some things I will be doing.

1. Plant a tree! There are many beautiful decorator trees to choose from if you don't want a crazy maple or oak covering all your sunlight. You'll get tons of birds, and it'll be awesome.
2. Speaking of birds, go out and buy a bird bath. They range from cheap tree-hanging ones to crazy huge stone ones. I have a beautiful concrete one. Just remember to flip it upside down if you live in the freezing north for the winters!! Earth Day isn't just about plants people!
3. Make a birdhouse with your kids. There are fun kits that you can buy at your local hardware store.
4. Buy cute pots at your local Younkers (hehe) to pot some awesome annuals in and display proudly in your yard.
5. Weed out your gardens. Get rid of that harmful junk, lay down some mulch, plant some beautiful yet invasive plants to keep them out. I started weeding today.
6. Speaking of gardens, start a veggie/fruit garden!! They don't have to be your typical farmer's garden. Just plant your veggies/fruit where there is ample sunlight. It can look just as good as a flower garden if you do it right. I have rhubarb circling a walnut tree in the back. As soon as the nights stop dipping below the freezing point, I'm planting these cabbage plants I have hanging out on my counter.
7. Adopt a puppy! Come on, they are part of mother nature too. Give 'em some love!
8. Plant a bush. Who doesn't love a bush in the front of a house??
9. Buy your produce today from a farmer's market (if you live in an area where they are actually open during this time of year)
10. And lastly, go to your hardware store and pick up some nifty recycling bins. That's right, everyone should recycle. It takes only a little bit more time (if you have a nice system set up) and it really does make a difference!

Hope you enjoy your Earth Day! BE GREEN!

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