Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meds, Cinderella, growing up

An easy Sunday.
I need to take a shower yet. It's 2pm. That's gross. Lol.

Soooo....I don't think Will's meds are working. Then again, his doctor always puts him on the lowest dose whenever we switch brands. There hasn't been much of a change from when he wasn't on meds and now. Today he got caught sneaking toys to sunday school. Then he decided to start making paper airplanes during the sermon. At least we stopped it before he started throwing

And I took the boys to the play "Cinderella" last night. Well, Hailey didn't go. But Will was definately the worse of the two boys.

I'm working on a picture collage for my daughter. Unfortunately my good photo editing software is on my actual computer, and this stupid laptop has crap. So it's not turning out the greatest. But next week I am going out and purchasing some crappy Walmart photo editing software, lol.

And I've been going through kids' clothes today. I realized something. Within the next 2 years, give or take, John will be about in the same size clothes as Will. He's closing the gap. John is in size 4 pants, which is normal. But his shirts are around 5-6. He's not even a little chubby. He's just so big!! And Will is STILL in a size 8. I've noticed my "little boy" storage is growing smaller and smaller. But Will's petite, and John's an ox.

Well, I need to finish cleaning. We are (yes again) having a bbq. So I must prepare. Our friend is bringing a new "chickie" here supposedly. So off I go!

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