Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hey everyone, I just wanted to stop in quick to give a little update.

I haven't been around much, lately. My school schedule has been pretty easy lately, so I've actually had some time to post projects.

After my last semester, I received my PN diploma. I haven't taken my LPN boards, though, because I see no point since I am continuing on in my education. If for some reason I am no longer able to attend school, I can always take my boards then.

I'm saving myself the $250 for the license.

So the actual reason that I haven't posted anything is that I no longer have the laptop that kept all my pictures. And, no, I didn't back up any files. I'm lazy.

I have an IT guy at my mom's work that says that he can 95% likely fix my computer, or else retrieve everything from the hard-drive.

The up-side is that this fiasco made my husband and I to purchase a new laptop, which we so desperately needed.

So, long story short, I will be posting my two newest remodels as soon as I have my pictures back.

Since my blog will be pretty quiet until I do get my laptop back, you can always follow me on my Pinterest page to get updates on ideas or projects I have in mind.


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