Friday, January 14, 2011


It took me a long time to appreciate wine.

My MIL first introduced it to be a few years back.
I choked it down with a smile.

You see, I come from a line of beer drinkers. I can name the favorite beer brand of most my aunts and uncles. Now, I'm not saying we are a bunch of alcoholics, we just appreciate an ice cold bottle/can/mug/pint of a perfectly brewed beer after a long day.

Then I went on a wine tasting tour for my husband's cousin's wife's (did you follow that?) bachelorette party.
I was skeptical, but I like the girl, and she was soon to be family, so why not?

That's when I began to appreciate wine.

I don't love every type. I like white more than red. Something sweet with high residual sugars.
I like a Riesling.
I hate a Cabernet.

I began fine-tuning my love for wine.
I began researching doo-dads, gadgets, and what-nots for wine.

Take, for example, a vacuum sealing wine preserver.
<p>The wine preservers that shows you the vacuum!</p>

While interesting in thought, I think it's a waste of money.

Maybe because, in my house, the wine bottle gets emptied before the end of the night.
(Which, to me, means the party was a success!)

One product that I am glad that I purchased is an aerator, similar to this one:
The Wine Enthusiast Vinturi Red Wine Aerator is clearly on the cutting edge of aeration design.

This isn't the model that I own. The one I have twists onto the end of the wine bottle so that it aerates as you pour it.

It actually changes ("blossoms" as the product packaging says.........sure....) the taste of the wine.
I've tried it.
It works.

I'm going on a "Girls Night In" at my good friend's house tonight. We have to bring a bottle of our favorite wine to pass around and everyone samples.
Fun hey?
It was my idea.

Is there any wine do-dad that you swear by? Any fun tricks (such as "trilling") to drink the wine?

Please share your insight!

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  1. I don't have any tricks, but I am with you, I love me a bottle of riesling. Theres a few others that I like but not many. Good post I will have to try some of your ideas.
    Thanks, Andi


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