Monday, September 20, 2010

The Lettered Cottage Knock-off

I wish I could afford her design consulting, because I am totally, completely in love her her style.

I especially love this picture of her house:

Okay, you're noticing that awesome white-washed farmhouse table, the rich hardwood floors, the spacious open cabinets, the lovely sisal rug....etc...etc...etc...

I noticed the bell.


Right there:

Ummm...okay...why did I gravitate towards the bell?

A few months back, I bought a bell similar to this one at Hobby Lobby:

Except it had a fleur de lis on the back, not a tractor.
I tried hanging it outside.

(My mom actually had a real vintage cast iron bell hanging on the back door in which she would call us in the house for supper. It was pretty neat. She sold that bell a while ago, so that's why I bought the cheap $5 one at Hobby Lobby.)

While screwing it into the siding, the fleur de lis pattern busted off.
All I had left were the two screws.

When I saw that picture of Layla's room (The Lettered Cottage), I knew that I wanted the bell inside.

But since the screws go inwards towards the bell, it seemed impossible to mount it to the wall.

I knew that, somehow, I has to get the head of the screw to stick in the wall. Luckily, I just put up that board and batten, and wood generally holds things better than drywall.

So I found a drill bit the same size as the head of the screw and drilled a small hole in the wall only about 1/8 inch deep.

I always keep a handy tube a Mighty Putty in a drawer for such occasions.

I ripped off a piece and kneaded it until it was white.

I stuck a very small piece in the hole, tapped the head of the screw in with a hammer, then wrapped a little more Mighty Putty around the rest.

Then lightly sanded the area, touched up the paints, and twisted the bell into place.

I love fun, little touches like that around my house.

Tell me about something fun that you have in your house!


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