Sunday, August 15, 2010

Woah, Nellie!

That's the name of my favorite auctioneer.

I don't go garage sale shopping often.
Too much driving.
Rarely anything worth buying.
(Okay, unless your trying to find kids' clothes.)

I'm a vintage/antique freak. I learned this obsession from my mom. She hoards anything old and loved.

That's why I love auctions so much. I've been going to them since I can remember.
I'm addicted.
I have even asked hours off of work just to attend "good" auctions.

The thrill of out-bidding someone....the feeling when you "win"....the mind games you play....I love every second of it.

I share this story with you, because I'm ridiculously excited about the "prize" I walked away with today.

Oh, vintage Marquette, Michigan milk crate. I loved you since the second I saw you.

You can keep your $159, Restoration Hardware...

...and you can keep your $59, Pottery Barn.

It's going to look awesome on my bookshelves.

Though, I do love that Joni from Old Centennial Farm made hers into a planter.

Sooo....I have two restoration projects that I am currently working on. You are going to love them! Okay...well, one's kind of cool, the other will be jaw-dropping amazing!

On a completely related note, I hate paint stripper....

...just saying.

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