Friday, August 6, 2010

A Project Finished; Urban Loft Photos

It's so nice to be able to get projects done around the house.

Though we were recently blessed with a temporary income, it won't last, so we are still watching every penny we spend.

I got a chance to buy some spray primer. I was ridiculously excited to find out that I had a can and a half of white spray paint just sitting in my garage.
What luck!

So I finally got to paint my daughter's shutters.

All I have to say is:
She had better appreciate me when she gets older!

I have been super-busy lately.
(To the point that if I didn't have a wonderful husband to help cart kids around, I don't think I would make it...)

Yesterday was no exception.

My son was in a Kiddie Parade for T-ball.

Sorry for the terrible picture quality. I was shooting out of a shadow, and I didn't have enough time to figure out how to keep the flash on.

Anyways, I bring this up because while we were waiting, I let him handle my nice/expensive/favorite camera.

Here's what I got when I pulled up the SD card in all of it's UNEDITED glory:

Wouldn't those be great in an urban loft?

Maybe it's just because I'm his mom...but I absolutely adored his photos!

"Momma...I'm going to take a picture of the police car."

Anyways, I have one really cool project that I just completed. I can't wait to show you!
Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait quite a few days.

Today: Work all day, then go grocery shopping (at 10pm).
Tomorrow: Make my veggie bars for a family reunion, go to an auction, go to the reunion, watch the Waterfront Festival fireworks.
Sunday: leave to Milwaukee, WI for a Brewers game. Come back late at night.

Soooo....maybe Monday you'll see it?


  1. I really like his Pics! Good Job!

  2. LOVE his photos, especially the first 2! I would so print and frame them. Sounds like you ARE busy.


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