Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ladder Restoration

I'm first going to show you the simple restoration project that I did.

I showed you this ladder last week:

This ladder was one of the few things the old owners had left behind at our house.
I ripped off the other side, painted over the yucky yellow color, and stuck some plants on it.

Now...don't get me wrong...I'm still in love with my ladder. I believe I always will be.
However, it lacked charm.

You know...charm that only comes with something old and loved.
I decided that I needed to bring this ladder back to it's roots.

In this picture, you can:
1. See that I used to be so lazy that I didn't paint the back side of this ladder. (The part I knew no one would see).
2. The horrific yellow that they painted it.

I stripped the paint.
(Which, by the way had THREE layers. Ugh.)

I applied a dark walnut stain and put three coats of polyurethane on it.


It really warms up the room.

It reminds me of the one from Pottery Barn.

I also got my daughter's magnets done.

She's quite the artist, hehe!

Anyways, I have a restoration project to show you in the next few days that's going to knock your socks off! I you LOVE Pottery Barn like I do, you need to stop back to see it!
Plus, it's a piece of my family history, so I'm even more excited about this project than usual!
Stick around!

1 comment:

  1. I love your ladder. I have one that's in my shed. I'm still trying to figure out where to put mine.

    Have a wonderful day.


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