Saturday, June 5, 2010

Coveting Couches

Before Roeshel featured me on her blog, The DIY Showoff, she shot me an email about my living room remodel.


It is SO scary how much our styles are so alike! We have a family room that is on our to-do list. Guess what I have planned! Wainscoting. That exact ceiling fan. AND built in shelving around the door. Probably the same furniture you have in mind too! Holy crap! It is awesome to see my vision in your pictures! lol Thanks so much for sharing! I will keep you posted when I feature it. :) And yes - I LOVE it in case you didn't catch that.

"Probably the same furniture you have in mind too!"
Well, Roeshel, would you like to know what I'm coveting?

The PB Square Collection.

Classic lines.
Great design.
Neutral colors.

Unfortunately, this also looks like it would only last 6 months in my family.
My daughter likes to spill red Kool-Aid on my furniture.

Maybe I should go with dark chocolate furniture?
It would pop off the white board and batten nicely...

1 comment:

  1. You could go with a white slip cover in something very durable and washable. That way you could was that Koolaid out!

    I love your living room re-do btw.


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