Friday, May 21, 2010

What Are Friends For?

I'm a crazy Type A.
I've known this.

Yesterday, I had a lunch date with my best girl, K-lee. Afterwards, she came over with her little man, Landen.
I set up the sprinkler for the kids, then started picking up the yard.
K-lee proceded to park two swivel rockers under the shade.

"Sit and relax for once." -K-lee
"But it's so beautiful out! It's a perfect day to get stuff done!" -Me
"Yeah, it's a perfect day out to do nothing." -K-lee

So we sat in the shade chatting, watching our kids run through the sprinkler. We did this for hours.
I admit, it felt great to do nothing!

That's why K-lee is my best girl. She grounds me.

On another note, you guys are being so patient with me about showing this living room!
I'm still waiting for my Ebay box.

I bought new lamps from Younkers.
Unfortunately, they don't have a picture of them on their site, so I can't show you the lamps!

And I need to fix my topiaries.

My daughter thought it was a good idea to peel off all the moss.
So I'm going to redo it and make it a bit more baby-durable.


  1. I really love the pots your topiaries are in!

  2. Is there really such a thing as more baby durable? :-)


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