Sunday, May 16, 2010


Okay, the floor is installed, the walls and windows are painted.

I started decorating.
I really REALLY want to show you the room, but I have a couple things left to do.

I want to buy natural shades like these:

at Lowes, but much bigger.

I also want different storage for my magazines. I'm bidding on an item on Ebay, but the auction doesn't close until later tonight.
I'm going to pay for faster shipping so that you don't have to wait another 2 weeks to see this room!

I want new furniture, because my maroon fancy-shmancy stuff doesn't quite vibe with the "breeziness" of the new room.

I've also been spotting a new area rug.

I'm obsessed with this one from Walmart:

But again, it wouldn't really go with the maroon furniture.

Maybe I should get new furniture, lol!

I'm also on the look-out for new lamps. I haven't found the perfect ones yet.

I have a couple projects that I need to get done for this room, so instead of showing you the room right now, I'll give you little mini-peeks with the projects.

Sound good?


  1. Slipcovers!!!!!for your couches I mean:)

  2. Definitely slipcovers... are we voting? Well, if we are I'm voting for slip covers.
    You can do it girl you're resourceful enough to make 'em work in your newly redecorated space!

  3. For the natural window shades, check out You can see all the great natural shade options, and register to win Bali Natural Shades and Wood Blinds for your entire home ($2,500 value!) Check it out!


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