Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Working Hard; Plans; Anniversary

Wow, fixing up a pint-sized house is a lot of work! Who would have knew?
I got the windows done, and I'll show you how I did those.

These were the old windows. Well, lack there of. It was two smaller pieces of plexiglass that would slide on a track similar to closet doors. With only 2 pieces of wood holding them in, it was quite easy for the kids to pop them out.
Not to mention that 2 tracks were broken...

This let tons on bugs in. Bees and spiders were the worst. I'm not a fan....
Anyways, so I made a basic from of 1x2's on the inside.

(yes, the screw holes still need to be filled. I'm working on the inside now, so it will be done soon!)

Then I put in my piece of (sturdier!) plexiglass. I made another 1x2 frame to sandwich the window in.
I filled in the screw holes and stained it.

It's starting to come together!

(Ugh...I really need to touch up this paint on the trim....)

The inside was the worst part of this playhouse.
I just added some 2x2 firring strips to the walls.

It's hard to explain the reasoning of why I did that. I guess you'll just have to see the end product!
I'm hoping, if everything goes right, that the walls should be done by next weekend.

On another note, I just picked up my first raspberry bush! So in between working on the playhouse, I'm FINALLY starting my berry garden that I've wanted so badly since we bought this house 4 years ago. I will have my entire back fence all raspberry and blackberry bushes!
It won't bear fruit for 2-3 growing seasons, but once they do, I will be in heaven!

And lastly, I just want to say, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY HUSBAND AND ME!
He's my world.

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  1. what a fantastic play house, and I LOVE your wedding pictures!!! I feel like I haven't left you a comment in forever - darn google reader, makes it too easy not to have to actually be on someone's blog & still read it

  2. Happy have a beautiful family.


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