Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stamped Tea Towels

This has to be in my top 5 best projects to do with my kids!
I saw this in a parenting magazine, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

-pkg of tea cloths (flour sack cloths)
- acrylic paint (in colors matching whatever fruits/veggies you want)
-assorted fruits and veggies (make sure it's hard ones! I.E. oranges are probably a no-go)
-letter stencils
-stenciling brush
-something to protect your surface

1. Iron out your cloth.
(I got mine at Younkers)

2. Lay it out on a protected surface.

3. Cut your fruit/veggie exactly in half.

4. Dip the flat side of the fruit/veggie into a paint color that matches (apples=red or green)

5. Stamp the fruit/veggie onto your cloth.

6. Stencil the name of your fruit/veggie somewhere near the stamps.

7. Let it dry.

8. Repeat with other fruits/veggies.

Enjoy your new tea cloths! These cloths are my grandma's favorite. They are super-big. Perfect for throwing over your shoulder as you dry dishes while watching your children play in the backyard (sigh....)

I've got a few other neat projects that I'm doing, but I'm terribly busy for the next 3 days, but I'll try to get them done!


  1. Well, aren't those just the cutest little towels!

    and your help is just as cute!

    neat project. Those are my favorites- little time, effort and money.

  2. Ahhh.... the perfect project to do with my great-neice on our girls craft day. I'm filing this away for her to make for her mom for mother's day!!! Thanks!

    jeanette from


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