Monday, March 8, 2010

Pottery Barn

I finally stepped foot in a Pottery Barn.
So did my husband. He loves me.

That place is breath-taking! I could have walked out with every single item there. I restrained myself.

I did walk out with a cute wine bottle charm on Clearance.

At least that's what they advertised it as. I think they are just getting rid of their Christmas ornament stock, haha!

And of course, I found my beloved napkin holders.

When my husband saw the price, he thought I was crazy. After explaining to him that these beauties were the only thing in the store that I couldn't make/find at a thrift store, he let me have them.

Again, he loves me =D

Anyways, tomorrow is my last day of my insanely hard accelerated class, so I'm almost back to normal.
 Here's a glimpse on what to expect from me:
- more healthy, happy ideas for the "31 Days..." series
-an island transformation (DON'T miss that!)
-St. Patty's Day wreath
-Flour sack cloth stamping project to do with kids

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