Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 9: Sleep

Day 9: Get the Right Amount Sleep
We've all been told by our doctors to get 8 hours of sleep. In truth, however, that may not be the golden number for all of us. Some people truly feel their best after 6 hours, some can't function properly unless they get 10.

I average 6 hours a night. It's definitely not my golden number. In a perfect world, I need 10 hours of sleep to feel refreshed. However, with working, schooling, and child-raising, I rarely have the chance to get even 8 hours of sleep in.

But, so as not to become a hypocrite, I will definitely make an effort to go to bed earlier than usual.
You should, too.

Don't be these people:

Become this person:

Once again, I'm still not receiving any entries for the giveaway. I'm thinking that no one wants to send in pictures??
Let's simplify the rules:

Leave a comment telling:
1. That you already do this healthy, happy thing OR
2. That you completed it.


  1. Thanks for posting these each day! They are a nice reminder of something small we can do to help ourselves out. :-)

    Luckily, I (usually) get enough sleep. I wake up at 4:30 each morning, so I'm usually pooped after dinner. Since we don't have kids, nothing stops me from going to bed at 7, reading for an hour, and being asleep by 8. It's a great life!

  2. Hee hee hee. Thanks for changing the ruls to not include pics. I myself didn't know if you would share which made me a little nervous and really - it is kind of hard to take a picture of yourself doing it. :-)

    I like the reminders on the little things that we can do to be healthier. Still working on the sunscreen one for myself. Bad I know.

    I am eating my blueberries. Not daily, but definitely increasing the amount I have eaten. It helps that fresh ones are stating to become available at reasonable prices. I love fresh blueberries. Frozen not as much. I am going to make a point when they are locally in season though to stock my freezer this year. My problem always is that I have to fight my kids for them, lol.


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