Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 4: Blueberries

Day 4: Add Blueberries to Anything You Can!


Okay, maybe not on spaghetti, but you get the idea.
They are great anti-oxidants and a good source of fiber.


1. Blueberry pancakes

2. Blueberry shakes

3. Blueberry muffins

4. Blueberry yogurt

5. Blueberries on your cereal

I'm not getting any entries for the giveaway. Click on the logo below to check out how to enter the giveaway. Since I'm not getting any entries, if even one person enters, they will automatically win!!

So what do you get if you win? Some free cosmetics, mainly from Elizabeth Arden. About a $30 value. I chose this, because doesn't looking beautiful always make us feel happy? I might throw in a cute tote as well, a $10. Stick around for pictures of it!


  1. I have a handful of blueberries every morning on granola and yogurt. This is so delicious, I'm impatient for breakfast time even the night before! xx

  2. I know! I love freezing them for a little while, so they're not rock solid, but not mushy either. It's like candy =D


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