Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 28: Cut Out Soda

Hehe, I almost titled this "Cut Out Pop"
Must be the north coming out in me =P husband is a soda junky. Or energy drinks....

rot your teeth
discolor your teeth
give you high blood pressure
make you fat
don't fill you up (like water would)
make you gassy ;)

Okay, here's the bottom line: If you wouldn't give a 2 year-old any soda, why would it make sense to drink it yourself? It's not like our systems are any different from a small child's.
(Okay, it's different with honey and small babies. That causes botulism)

I guess I was never really huge on soda. I'll grab one once every now and then, maybe at get-togethers. But all-in-all, I go almost every day without one.

If you're not a big water fan, try these to put in your water. They are small enough to pop in your purse, just in case you want to make a healthy decision today ;)

Propel. This stuff is yummy! It kind of makes water taste like Gatorade.

Crystal Light is great when you have a craving. The tartness helps me sooo much! It tastes like lemonade. You can also get the pink lemonade.

Now, I know what you're thinking..."Why not just buy Gatorade or lemonade?"
The packets are healthier. Just trust me on this one.

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