Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 23: Be Part of a Group

Humans are pack animals. We do better in groups. We are, however, more diverse than a pack of wolves.
Humans can be content in a pack of 3, or a pack of hundreds. We're not picky =D.

When you're part of a group, you have a sense of unity, a sense of belonging.
No, work or school doesn't count.

So become a part of a group.
-starting a playgroup with friends that have kids. Or join a playgroup that's already formed. Mine meets every 3rd Thursday of the month. I thought it would be really lame, cliche, or cheesy, but my daughter and I had a blast. Next month we are going to the YMCA for an obstacle course!

-join a gym. If you go at the same time every day, you will start to notice that some people are on the same schedule as you. You have just formed a pack!

-if you're in school, try joining a club. I never did this in high school, and I'm regretting it. Now I don't have time to be in clubs at school. Only my honor roll membership.

-have a hobby? Find others that enjoy your hobby. Sewing circles, anyone? My mother-in-law goes to a scrapbooking workshop once in a while. Though I have yet to go with her, I know she has a blast being there!

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