Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1: Sunblock

I've seen some pretty good "31 Days to..." series, but they are all related to home improvement. What about ourselves? It's hard to take care of a home if you don't take care of yourself first.

Don't worry, I'm not going to make you run 5 miles every day and move to a self-sustaining village.
I'm going to suggest small ways to get you healthier and happier.

Sound good?

Day 1: Sunblock
Shame on you if you live in the south and don't wear this daily. What about us far north girls? You still need to wear it!
We've been lectured about his before....many....many times.

My personal excuses for not wearing daily sunblock:
1. I'm indoors most the time (if you can see in your house without the lights on, you need sunblock)
2. I want to have at least a little tan (you can still get tan skin with wearing sunblock and receive no damage)
3. Sunblock leaves my skin greasy and gross, especially on my face.

#3- That's my biggest complaint. I finally consulted a makeup pro.
There are body SPF lotions, and lotions specifically made for the face. They are non-greasy, quick absorbing, and fast drying. They do, however, have to be reapplied more frequently, especially if you are sweating.

Try this one from Clinique at a BonTon store near you (Younkers, Boston Store, Herbergers, CPS, Elder Beermans...) Go on March 9th for the Goodwill Sale. Bring in a clothing item that you wish to donate, recieve a coupon that can work on cosmetics.

You can also try concealer with SPF already in it.

Try this one from Lancome. Again, you can find this at a BonTon store. While your there, take a look at the rest of the Renergie line. This stuff will make your skin look like 12 years old, haha!
There are also many drug store varieties, so just keep trying different brands until you find one that you like and!
Stave off melanoma and look good at the same time!

Come back in about an hour for another video post!



  1. I admit, I live in the south and I don't wear sunblock everyday. I know, I know, shame on me. My problem is that most sunblocks smell like sunblock. I don't like smelling like I should be at the beach all day. Any suggestions for a sunblock that doesn't smell like normal sunblock?

  2. hmm...I've never thought of that. Maybe I'll head to the drug store today and start sniffing.
    People may think I'm crazy, lol.
    I'll try to find one for you!

  3. I too live in the south and will admit to not wearing it everyday. If I am going to be out for an extended period I make sure to wear it, but not on a day to day basis. Bad I know. My derm told me as much at my appt this week. That said I too have the smell as an issue. My other is that I have oily skin - especially in the summer months. And again I live in the south where heat and humidity are the norm and not very kind to my skin. I have some samples from the derm to try - if I find one that I love I'll share too. In the meantime I look forward to hearing other suggestions. :-)


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