Monday, February 1, 2010

February To-Do List

A brand new month, hurray! I saw this post at Craig, Blair, and Turbo Skousen, and it made me want to jot down what I want to accomplish this month. At the end of the month, maybe I'll recap!

1. Finish the bathroom closet. I am going to LOVE having my things back in order.
This is what it started out to be. Stick around, I'm almost done demo-ing and creating!

2. Throw a killer birthday party for my step-son. The big 1-0 this year!!
This is from last year:

3. For one day, be completely caught up on laundry, clean sheets and all!
4. Decorate for Valentine's Day for the first time ever!
Yes, I'm jumping on the heart wreath band-wagon! Stick around for that one, too!
5. Take a decent/profession-looking/awesome self-portrait for my blog.

What do you want done this month?

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