Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coming up...

Sorry again, guys, for my lack of projects. I'm juggling a lot right now.
BUT I do want to let you in on what will be going on here at Superwoman.

1. A new video tuturial. You want to check it out if you have OOCD (Organizational Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) like me. It's simple, fast, and easy.

2. A "31 Days to..." series. It's not decorating or home-improvement related. I'm using it as a filler for the days that I don't post any projects. That means there may be two posts in a day. You'll want to be around for it!

3. A VERY late V-day project. Hey, I can store it for next year!

4. Highlights of the gayla I will be attending (and maybe a video of "the 303 dance party" lol.)

5. St. Patty's Day decor. (and my b-day!)

6. And of course, random extras that I like to throw in. (Maybe another giveaway?)

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