Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jewelry Frame

I wanted a jewelry armoire for Christmas. Nope, Santa didn't deliver one to me this year.
I really needed a better way to store my jewelry than the 25 cluttered jewelry boxes that I have lying around.
So this is what I did to solve that problem:
Jewelry Frame
You need:
-a frame (with glass out)
-craft wire
-wire snips
-staples and a staple gun

I wanted to put staples all around the frame for the wire to loop through.

APPARENTLY you shouldn't use a high powered staple gun on a thin piece of the frame....

Ooopsie! We'll have to pry that out...not too much damage, hehe!

I flipped the frame upright so that the staples would go through the thick part. Then I found my husband's file to use as a crutch so that the staple wouldn't go all the way into the wood, making it flush.

I went all the way down the line, moving my file as I went.

Then I twisted an end of my craft wire on the first staple, and began weaving.

I LOVE how squiggly the wire turned out to be. My bedroom is pretty modern, so this fit in perfectly.

This is how it turned out...

Then just add your jewelry!
Problem solved!

Don't have a modern bedroom?? No problem! You can try:
-An ornate fram with chicken wire stapled to the back
-A distressed frame with burlap on the back (but then you wouldn't be able to hand necklaces!
-A frame with lace backing
So go put your jewelry on display!


  1. THAT is a REALLY nice change from most of the jewelry hangers on the net. It's terrific and very unique!

  2. You did a great job and your creative ideas are wonderful

  3. That is adorable! My teenager would love this!

  4. I love that your jewlery can be art on and off of you. Too cool. Thanks for sharing.
    Cha Cha

  5. Brittany - you're brilliant. It's lovely! You did a great job (as usual)! Thanks for adding your creativity to the DIY Show & Tell party! I love it!



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