Sunday, November 15, 2009

Landing Reveal

Woohoo! I'm finally posting my BIG REVEAL!
I warned you that I was probably going to be late!
It would be a laundry list if I gave you reasons for my absence. BUT I found a bit of time between catching the football game and doing my schoolwork. So here it is!!

I have this landing at the top of my staircase. As you can see from the picture below, it was in desperate need of some TLC. (Don't make fun of me for the flowers in the vases. I stole most of the flowers for another project, so that's why they look so.....awkward.)
The inspiration for this makeover came from a trip to Goodwill. I saw a bench for only $2.99. The only problem was that it didn't come with a top. That's okay! For that price, I'll make one! Bonus: it's a storage bench.
So I gathered my supplies: plywood cut to size, two sheets of 1 inch foam (cut to the size of the plywood), scissors, a staple gun, and my trusty companion.
I placed the batting on the floor, put the foam on top of that, then put the plywood on top of it all. Wrap the batting around the plywood, pull taut, and staple in place, going all the way around the plywood.
Then I ironed my fabric, placed that on the floor (print side down), wrapped that around the plywood and stapled it in place.
And this is what I got:

I wasn't completely satisfied, so I glued on a wooden accent, painted it black, then lightly sanded it (plus some edges of the bench)
I needed some mirrors, and fortunately I found some mirrors left over from my wedding that I didn't use. They were primed with a tinted red, but that's okay. It just needed a bit of paint!
I wanted a stand to put a plant on. I found this guy in my basement:
And I turned it into this:
Such a difference!! Let's see, I added twine to my planter, accessorized with some candlesticks and yarn, then added some pictures that I took off the wall from my staircase redo.
And remember that I hit a roadblock while doing this? I was trying to figure out how I was going to do my kids' profiles. This what I came up with:
Here's a closeup of my son, John's, profile. I made tags from Photoshop and construction paper. I made the profiles by selecting pictures of my kids that had a side shot of them. I blew it up to 8x10 and printed it out. I cut around their profiles then laid the cut image on top of black construction paper. I traced around the image, then cut my tracings out of the black construction paper. Glue that on white paper, glue the tag below, add some ribbon to the top, and hang!
Since I tiered the photos on the wall, I felt that the space on the wall below my eldest looked blank, so I bought a vase from Walmart, added some branches I had in the yard (bonus: cleaning the yard)...
...and put it by the wall.
And an overall shot of that wall....
We can see a little peek of the rest of the landing in that photo. So let's take a look what's there.
I kept the original side tables, just turning them outwards instead of diagonal. Then I added some twine to the handles as a temporary fix until I decide what kind of hardware I want.
Then I added some accessories. I placed a mirror above each side table.
On one table I have a monkey and a sentimental photo in the cubby....
...and two candlesticks on top (one is the one my mom gave me)
I added twine bows to the tapers to give it a little more personal touch.
On the other table I accessorized with a fun votive holder, a lamp that I made, and a twine ball on a scroll stand.
The lamp was about $1 at Goodwill. It was brown and didn't have a lampshade. I spray-painted it black, bought a lampshade, and added a fun black bow.
You can just start to see the accessories on the bench in that last picture, so let's start on them.
I had a blue round box that held votives in it. I pretty much emptied that box from that 6-candle votive thing, I didn't need it anymore. But it was too cute to toss away. It sort of reminded me of old hat boxes. So I spray-painted the box white, then added some black decals that I found in the craft section of Walmart. Then I punched a hole on each side and threaded some ribbon through to make a handle. And my hat box was done!
Then I grabbed a white throw pillow and a brown bear to add to the other side.
Here's how that wall turned out:
Here's a wider shot of the whole landing:
And here's the landing at night with the lamp on. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling =)
Younkers just got done with their Community Day sale, and I came out with some goodies. Stick around to see what I've done with them!


  1. awesome, awesome, awesome! Love the bench, love the kids' portraits, love the accents! love it all! Super job, superwoman! your hardwork paid off! I really want to try to make a silouette of my monkey, but I'm afraid it will look like a 3rd grade art project. Yours came out so great! I need some tips!

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