Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Awesome Auction Find!

It's no secret that auctions are my weak spot.
Garage sales are okay, but I LOVE the rush, the competition, the racing of your heart as the bidding starts on the object you MUST have, when you go to an auction.
Back story? You betcha!
My parent's dragged me to tons of auctions when I was a kid. I never understood the point of them. Why not just put a price on it and sell it at a garage sale?
I'll tell you why: NO ONE would have put a $5 price tag on a boudoir bench:
Sure, it's pink. But with a little reupholstering, I'm going to have the classiest bedroom around, lol. I fell in love, what can I say?
It's the end of the auction season around here, so this auction, everything was going incredibly cheap. I also picked up an electric hedge trimmer for $2. It's one of the nice ones with the guard and everything.
If you're not in the auction circle, you need to be.
I also got this little bird cage at a thrift store for 79 cents:
With some white paint and a cute decorative stone bird in there, it'll be perfect for my daugher's room. She's spoiled =D

And of course, I'm not forgetting your sneak peek for today:

I hit a road block on the BIG REVEAL. I can't figure out how I'm going to do this awesome project that I have in mind. I'll do a bit of research, and hopefully I'll be able to show you this soon!

Oh, and did I tell you that I already have the next BIG REVEAL planned? I've never been so excited to start something, stick around for that one!

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  1. You and I have alot in common.....I LOVE auctions too! I have gotten some awesome auction finds as well. I haven't been to an auction for about two weeks now because of my kitchen remodel but hopefully I'm going this weekend!

    Have a wonderful day.


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