Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rustic Contempo Wreath

Rustic Contempo Wreath

This wreath is part of my plans for my staircase walls. I wanted it to be contemporary with a rustic flare. Best yet, this only cost me $1! Who couldn't afford that?!

Wreath form (I got it from the Dollar Tree)
Black spray paint
Hot glue

1. Spray paint your entire wreath on a protected surface, being sure to get in all the nooks and crannies. Let dry.
2. Glue one end of twine to the backside of your wreath and start twisting it around the form.
3. Once you get to the desired width, hot glue the other end to the backside.
4. Make your flower: Make several loops (the petals) and hot glue it to the center. Make a button (refer to picture if you have no idea what I'm talking about.) Glue down the button.
5. Hang!

Not your usual wreath =) I can't wait to hang it up in that hallway.

Here's another peek at my BIG REVEAL:

White yarn? Now what could I be up to?


  1. LOVE this wreath!! I love the touch of twine! and since it's so "simple" you can easily spruce it up (if you wanted) for all the holidays! Hmmm...it may have a twin hanging in my house soon!

  2. To give it a little holiday flare, I think I would just add a little bit of holly or mistletoe right by the flower. Just enough to add a festive feel, but not enough to detract from the contemporary feel of it.
    If you make a twin, I need to see! Thanks so much!

  3. left you a little something fun over at my blog! stop by and see. :)

  4. It looks so cute! I have a similar wreath that I picked up at a garage sale last weekend, I may have to try something like this.

  5. I LOVE your wreath. What a great idea. The little flower just makes it perfect. Laura @ the mansion

  6. Very simple and elegant. It would be cool to hang you last name initial from the center.



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