Monday, October 19, 2009

For All Things Chalkboard

I love chalkboard paint. I bought a small can 3 years ago, and it's still going strong in my house.

Here's some things I used it on so far:

1. The back of my son's door. His room used to be a playroom, and I've gotten so many uses off of it. I taught my step-son to count by two's on that door.
2. The backside of my kitchen cabinets. It holds my shopping list, grocery list, appointment dates, love notes from my husband, house to-do lists, and a "yuck" face where the cleaning supplies are.

3. A cute little area on a planter. My husband laughed that I'm giving the plant directions. I should have put "Please Stop Growing!" This bugger has been re potted 3 times already.

4. A cute glass jar that I've had forever. Here's the process of it being made:

Love this jar with it's cork top!

Tape off an area, paint with chalkboard paint.

I put a twine ribbon on it again (I love twine!), then labeled it.

5. This is a find from Goodwill. I already started putting chalkboard paint on it. It's part of my next BIG PROJECT. Stick around for that!

I also have this staircase that I'm going to redo very soon. But I haven't decided on exactly how I want it. I was kind of thinking putting chalkboard paint on the vertical parts of the stairs. We could put cute little messages, or I can just draw on any design I like at the moment. It's part of that "Don't take life so seriously" thing I was talking about. Then put white on the horizontal parts.

Or I would do white vertically.

I don't know.....

Any advice???

Switching gears, I want to show you what my mom gave me:
She didn't want it, and I loved it. I still don't have a place for it. I'm thinking it will be part of my next BIG PROJECT.


  1. Great chalkboard projects! :)
    Can't wait to see what you do with the stairs!

    (Your comment today cracked me up!)

    Have a great week! ;)


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