Friday, October 9, 2009

Coffee Table Redone

I'm so excited that I found this coffee table. I had been scouring Craigslist for months to find a coffee table with storage. I found some in my area, but they were $100 or more. I'm cheap (seriously...) and I wasn't willing to pay it.

I got this thing at Goodwill for only $6.99. Though my husband wasn't with me (therefor couldn't haul it) I bought it right away. It was one of those times when you wanted to run to the checkout but knew you'd look like an idiot doing it.

It's really not that bad of a coffee table. I'm just not a big fan of blonde wood.

As you can see, I had already started sanding it when I thought Oh crap, I need a "before" picture! Yes, I was sanding this right in my living room. It was less than 40 degrees out that night, and I was up until 2:30am doing this. I didn't feel like freezing my butt off.

So do you want to see how it turned out?

I love how it turned out. I put a darker stain on it, put 4 coats of lacquer over that. The baskets came from my daughter's room (I will be giving her some other type of storage that will grow with her better). The maroon bows actually came from an old shower curtain that I ripped up. I tossed on some random stuff on top, and look at that....a whole different coffee table.

This is the coffee table that I had before...

My daughter decorated this one. Lets see...we have a few of her books, her wolf purse, new pants and boots....

Okay, the reason I had this table is because my beautiful table with beveled glass inserts broke. They matched the end tables on the sides of the couch (go ahead, scroll up...) So my ma gave me my brother's coffee table to use until I got something better. Thanks John!!

Anyways, with the inset top all the way around, it was impossible to keep clean. Everything would mush up in the corners. Gross! Can you see why I was desperate for a new one? I'm either donating it to Goodwill or putting it up on Craigslist. Sorry John, I promise I will buy you a new one! I just can't see this thing anymore.

Oh! I also finally hung some more pictures today because I finally bought an ink cartridge for my printer.

I've had the print in the middle for a while. I've also had the two frames on the sides for a while, but I finally got to fill them today. I think it looks perfect above my patio door. The middle reads "All because two people fell in love..." The picture on the left is a picture of my kids, and on the right is a picture of me and my husband's wedding bands (both done by me, thank you!)

Okay, the big project is almost done.

Yes, this is a pressed flower. I need to press two more, so until those are dry, I'm not showing the big reveal. Now where's my power sander......?


  1. Love your "new" coffee table. It really looks great! I love that you sanded the table in your living room, I always do everything inside my house b/c we don't have a garage or carport. I have the paint stains on my floor to prove it! LOL

  2. Great job girl! Thanks for stopping by project pretty!

  3. What an amazing table!! Check out this one too for Unique Coffee Tables.


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